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Image Masking Services

Image Masking Services

Ambidextrous Designer is a house of expert workers where you will get better Image Masking Service than anywhere else, with great quality and at a reasonable price. Generally image masking is used to remove the background from a complex image and this type of images are used in online advertising, Human or Models with complex edge and flying hair, product catalog, Raising hair animals etc. Photo masking can be performed in a multiple of ways, such as with the highest contrast channel, the pen tool or with the aid of hand painting. Each process has its own particularities and is recommended for a certain type of image. Want perfect edge of image with irregular shapes after removing it from its background? Do it easily, using different type of masking such as layer masking, channel masking, and give your image that great edge. Contact us right now!

Types Image Masking Services:

Hair masking
Transparent Masking
Layer Masking
Alpha/Channel masking

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